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Kosher Mehadrin Restaurants in Israel


I created this blog to serve as a resource for people looking for kosher mehadrin restaurants in Israel. The blog includes comprehensive lists of mehadrin restaurants in various Israeli cities and restaurant reviews to make finding a restaurant in your location quick and easy.

The reviews are meant to be interesting reading and also to serve as a useful guide when searching for a mehadrin place to eat out. I am constantly adding new reviews and updating my lists so it’s worthwhile to check back regularly to find new restaurants and read new reviews.

In the meantime, you can take advantage of the lists of mehadrin restaurants:

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  1. Jk

    Thank you so much this has been long in coming

  2. Zave Rudman

    Thanks. I have been living here close to forty years now and this is the best I’ve seen

  3. Chaim Shmeel

    May you be blessed for your efforts. This is truly a great resource and I’m sure you get credit for all the brachot and Kosher eating… chazzak!

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