Ahavat Hayam is a unique fish restaurant in Jerusalem with surprisingly wonderful ambiance. I say “surprisingly” because of its location above a Yellow convenience store in a gas station.

Grilled forel

Grilled forel


Before I went up to the restaurant I was very skeptical – what kind of ambiance could a restaurant located above a convenience store have? But to my pleasant surprise, when I walked inside, I was very impressed by what I saw. The restaurant is beautifully laid out with high-quality lighting, white fabric tablecloths on the tables, colorful cloth napkins and decorative hangings on the walls having to do with the sea. Another really nice touch that adds grace and beauty are three large illuminated aquariums that are sunken into the walls and filled with fish. These fish look out at the diners with a smile because they are bystanders and do not end up on the diners’ plates.

The seating with classy table settings

Classy table settings, the lighting and the aquariums create a beautiful ambiance

Ahavat Hayam's dining area


The menu includes a variety of grilled or fried fish served along with a slice of lemon, sauce and chips on attractive plates. Before the main dishes are served, diners start their meal with a selection of house salads.


Fried mullet

Fried mullet

wine rack

Wine rack with a nice variety of wines

Restaurant Details:

Restaurant Name: Ahavat Hayam
Address: Sderot Ben Tzvi 9 (above the Yellow convenience store)
Telephone: 02-623-6767
Hours: Sun-Thurs 12:00-Midnight | Motzash: after Shabbat until Midnight
Kashrut: Jerusalem Rabbinate (mehadrin)
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate hasn’t changed


Ahavat Hayam's menu

Ahavat Hayam’s menu


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