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Meat and Eat at the Tel Aviv Port – A Very Worthwhile Mehadrin Steakhouse

Lechem Basar at the Tel Aviv Port is a kosher mehadrin steakhouse located next to the sea. The restaurant is under the highly respected kosher supervision of Rabbi Machpud.

Kosher mehadrin restaurants are popping up all over the country, in light of the growing demand of the Torah observant public to eat in quality eateries with strict adherence to kashrut. For those looking for a quality meat meal in Tel Aviv, Lechem Basar is a great choice.


Being located near the sea, the port’s promenade winds right past Lechem Basar. You’ll see many families strolling together while taking in the sights and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Lechem Basar has a very large outdoor seating area which includes tables and sun umbrellas spaced out on a wooden deck. The restaurant also has a spacious indoor seating area. The design of the restaurant is not fancy per se, but it is definitely pleasant, attractive and clean.

The outdoor seating area at Lechem Basar
The outdoor seating area
The view of the promenade near the sea
The view of the promenade near the sea
The indoor seating area
The indoor seating area
Lechem Basar's wine rack
The wine rack – plenty of wines and spirits to choose from


Lechem Basar has quite a few kosher mehadrin branches, and new ones are being opened regularly. I have already written about Lechem Basar in Jerusalem and in Beit Shemesh. Those who have already visited one of the branches know that the menu is varied and the food is well done (don’t worry you can order medium, medium rare etc as well).

Based on our past experience, my wife and I knew that the dishes were generous so we decided to order one appetizer and one main dish and to split them between us. For the appetizer, we ordered roasted eggplant which is half an eggplant covered with an abundance of tehina, tomato salsa and spices served with braised bread. The eggplant was savory, and the serving style was aesthetic.

Roasted eggplant

Other appetizers that can be ordered include stir-fried mushrooms, lamb zucchini (small zucchinis filled with lamb brago), salmon ceviche, salads and more.

For our main course, we ordered lamb siniya, which is prepared and brought to your table in a stainless steel pan. The lamb meat is cooked as a ragout, a stew with the lamb meat, vegetables and spices. The pan came very hot, wrapped in dough and served on a wooden tray. The dish was delicious and quite filling.

The lamb siniya which arrived piping hot

There are a variety of main dishes, including baked salmon fillet, grilled spring chicken, entrecote steak (prime rib) served on the bone, aged beef fillet, and whole sea bass served with sautéed vegetables, white wine and confit, just to name a few. In short, there are no lack of possibilities.


The service at Lechem Basar was very good. The waitresses were courteous, and all the dishes arrived on time. I happened to talk to the owner of the restaurant, and I found him to be very personable and friendly. Apparently the good natured spirit of the owner has trickled down to the staff.

Restaurant Details

Restaurant name: Lechem Basar
Address: Hanger 14, Tel Aviv Port
Telephone: 03-603-1081
Kosher supervision: Rabbi Machpud
It is highly recommended to request to see the kashrut certificate to verify that it is still valid.


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Deca – An Upscale Mehadrin Fish Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Deca is an upscale fish restaurant in Tel Aviv that is kosher mehadrin under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate. Deca is pricier than most restaurants, but if you’re looking for a more elegant experience, Deca is a nice choice.

Grilled sea bream

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Atza Sushi Bar in Jerusalem – Mehadrin Rav Rubin

Atza Sushi Bar is an excellent sushi and Asian food restaurant located in the Romema neighborhood in Jerusalem. The food is superb and the restaurant is kosher mehadrin under the top-notch supervision of Rabbi Rubin. This last point is very important as you’ll see further on.

Atza's location seen from Yirmiyahu street

Atza’s location seen from Yirmiyahu street

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Cafe Clara – Italian Restaurant in Katzrin (Mehadrin)

Cafe Clara is a kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant located in the industrial area of Katzrin in the Golan Heights. The restaurant is under the kosher supervision of the rabbinate in Katzrin.

Shakshuka Zavitan

Shakshuka Zavitan

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Dave Bagels – Mehadrin Deli Meats in Downtown Jerusalem

Usually, 99% of the time, when people talk about restaurants that serve bagels, it’s obvious that you’re talking about a dairy restaurant, but not so at Dave Bagels in downtown Jerusalem (and no, it’s not a mistake, it’s Dave Bagels, not Dave’s. Maybe the owner thought that Dave’s in Hebrew would look a bit strange).

The entrance to Dave Bagels on Pinas St.

The entrance to Dave Bagels on Pines St.

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Fiori – An Excellent Mehadrin Italian Restaurant in Jerusalem

Fiori is an excellent kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate. It is located in the First Station mall in Talbieh, Jerusalem.


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Hummus Eliyahu in Edison Park in the Jordan Valley (Mehadrin)

Hummus Eliyahu is located five kilometers south of the Tzemach junction in Edison Park, opposite Ashdot Ya’akov. In addition to the seating area inside, the restaurant has a nice shaded area for seating outdoors.

Outdoor seating area and entrance

Outdoor seating area and entrance

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Hummus Eliyahu in Katzrin in the Golan Heights (Mehadrin)

Hummus Eliyahu is located in the Eitan mall in the city of Katzrin in the Golan Heights.  Hummus Eliyahu is definitely a pleasant place to sit and dine, and it is kosher mehadrin under the supervision of the Rabbinate in Katzrin.

The restaurant has a shaded seating area outside for those who want to enjoy the fresh air, but the seating area inside the restaurant is also nice.

The main offering on Hummus Eliyahu’s menu is hummus served on a plate with all sorts of extras you can order: whole chickpeas, fava beans, tahini, sauteed onion or mushrooms, eggplant and a hard-boilded egg.

Those who prefer to eat something other than hummus can order shakshuka, soup, salad, baked french fries, and mashed potato balls.

Shaded seating area outside

Shaded seating area outside


Seating area inside the restaurant

Seating area inside the restaurant

Restaurant Details:

Name: Hummus Eliyahu Katzrin
Address: Eitan mall, Katzrin, Golan Heights
Telephone: 04-8218668
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10AM-7PM | 10AM-2PM
Kashrut: Katzrin Rabbinate Mehadrin
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate hasn’t changed


Hummus Eliyahu's menu

Hummus Eliyahu’s menu


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Ahavat Hayam Restaurant- Fish, Wine & Wonderful Ambiance

Ahavat Hayam is a unique fish restaurant in Jerusalem with surprisingly wonderful ambiance. I say “surprisingly” because of its location above a Yellow convenience store in a gas station.

Grilled forel

Grilled forel

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Cafe Cafe – Mehadrin Italian Food in the Jordan Valley

If you’re heading north on Highway 90 in the Jordan Valley on your way for a vacation in the North or driving south to Jerusalem or even Eilat and you’re looking for a mehadrin restaurant on the way, a excellent place to stop is the Cafe Cafe restaurant near Sdei Trumot located 6 km south of Beit She’an.

Outdoor seating at Cafe Cafe at Sdei Trumot

Outdoor seating at Cafe Cafe at Sdei Trumot

Cafe Cafe offers a very large variety of Italian and dairy meals which are both tasty and nice sized portions.

Cafe Cafe’s menu is the same at all branches. You can view the English menu below.

The restaurant has a very pleasant, shaded seating area outside where you can enjoy the fresh air, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of the air conditioned indoor seating which also very spacious and comfortable.

My wife and I found the service to be well above average. The waitresses were extremely pleasant and were very quick to serve our meals.

Restaurant Details:

Restaurant Name: Cafe Cafe
Address: Hwy 90 next to Sdei Trumot, Jordan Valley
Telephone: 04-6584648
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:00-23:30 | Fri 8:00-15:00
Kashrut: Rabanut Emek HaMayanot (Mehadrin)
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate hasn’t changed

Cafe Cafe’s English Menu:

Cafe Cafe's English menu-1

Cafe Cafe’s English menu

Cafe Cafe's English menu-2

Cafe Cafe's English menu-3

Cafe Cafe's English menu-4

Cafe Cafe's English menu-5

Cafe Cafe's English menu-6

Cafe Cafe's English menu-7

Cafe Cafe's English menu-8


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