Cafe Avichail is an kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant and coffee shop located in a beautiful section of Malcha in Jerusalem.

The restaurant was established in 2007 by Galia Daniel-Avichail and her husband Shlomi. Galia’s father, grandfather and great-father all were in the bakery business going back to Poland. The family bakery in Zichron Moshe, Jerusalem established by Galia’s grandfather in 1932 became somewhat of a legend.

Entrance to Avichail

Entrance to Avichail

Galia decided she wanted to set off on her own, and that’s when she founded Avichail.


Avichail is located in a quiet residential neighborhood which is a beautiful place to take a stroll after your meal. Avichail offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating is simple but pleasant. The tables and chairs are cafe style and the lighting is plentiful. During the day, lots of wonderful sunshine shines in due to the large windows surrounding the seating area.

indoor seating at Avichail

Indoor cafe-style seating

Outside, there is a nice seating area underneath an overhang which lets one be out in the fresh air but protected from the direct sun. They just recently inaugurated a new summer seating area for super casual socializing over a pleasant meal.

Summer seating area

Summer seating area


Avichail’s menu includes classic cafe-style breakfast dishes like eggs, shakshuka and bagel toast, among many others. One of the waitresses told me that the boasts a house expert that prepares truly awesome coffee and that it is so special that people come afar to drink it.

Stir Fry Salad

Stir Fry Salad

For salad lovers, Avichail’s menu has a wide selection and they are packed with healthy and flavorful vegetables and fruits. For example, the quinoa salad includes lettuce, baby leaves, sprouts, dried tomatoes, roasted almonds and cranberries as well as the more “standard” veggies: cherry tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.

The afternoon and evening menu offers a nice variety of Italian dishes, many of them based on pasta prepared by the house. First you choose the type of pasta you want: pappardelle, rigatoni, gnocchi, or ravioli or even whole wheat strozzapreti. The pastas come topped with a creamy sauce and you can decide if you want the pasta with mushrooms, tomato sauce, pesto, sweet potato etc.


House-made ravioli with the filling of your choice


My wife ordered the broccoli quiche served with a small fresh salad. Although the quiche didn’t blow our socks off, it was quite tasty. If you’re not a broccoli fan, you can order the quiche with spinach, sweet potato, mushrooms or onion.

Brocolli quiche

Brocolli quiche

I ordered the fish and chips because I really enjoy it and because it’s hard to find mehadrin restaurants that offer it.

Fish & chips

Fish & chips

From the culinary aspect, one might think that making superb fish and chips is simple but there’s more than meets the eye:

  • the fish has to be tender and moist
  • the batter should be crisp and not overwhelm the fish
  • the fries should be large and seasoned with just the right amount of salt
  • Ah, and both the fish and chips must be served piping hot

In my opinion, Avichail’s fish and chips were good, but not great. The fish was tasty but not as tender as I would like it to be. The fries were quite small which meant eating quite of few of them – one by one.


A restaurant’s service can make or break the experience. The waiters and other staff at Avichail were extremely friendly and our meals were delivered quite quickly.

If you’re looking for a quite, pleasant place with tasty, kosher mehadrin food and good service, Avichail is definitely a worthwhile place to visit.

Restaurant Details:

Telephone: 02-678-2979
Address: 21 Ha-Dishon St, Jerusalem
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8AM-11PM | Fri 8AM-3PM
Kashrut: Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin
It’s always recommended to verify that a restaurant’s kashrut certificate hasn’t been changed

Restaurant Rating (1-5):

Food: 4-
Service: 4
Cleanliness: 4
Ambiance: 3


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