Cafe Rimon in downtown Jerusalem is a mehadrin dairy restaurant which offers a large selection of dairy, fish and Italian cuisine. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available and it is preferable to reserve a table to ensure you won’t have to wait to be seated.

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Its breakfast menu offers a typical “Israeli breakfast” (eggs, cheeses, salad and a choice of bread), as well as pancakes, meals with various varieties of eggs, shakshoukas and more.

Salad offerings include a warm Asian salad, Grilled Fish, Italian salad and New Californian Roquefort.

For fish and Italian food lovers, Cafe Rimon has a nice selection of pastas (canneloni, four cheese lasagne, calzone to name a few) and fish dishes include baked whole Bream, Salmon filet, Mullet filet and even fish and chips.

Cafe Rimon is under the strictly kosher mehadrin supervision of Rabbi Machpud.

See the contact details, menu, and directions below.

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Restaurant Details:

Restaurant Name: Cafe Rimon
Address: 4 Lunz St, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-624-3712
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8AM-11PM | Fri 8AM-12PM
Kashrut: Machpud & Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate hasn’t changed

Cafe Rimon’s Menu:

Cafe Rimon's Breakfast Menu

Cafe Rimon’s Breakfast Menu


Cafe Rimon's Appetizers

Cafe Rimon’s Appetizers


Cafe Rimon's Salad Menu

Cafe Rimon’s Salad Menu


Cafe Rimon's Pasta Selection

Cafe Rimon’s Pasta Selection


Cafe Rimon's Fish Menu

Cafe Rimon’s Fish Menu


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