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Dave Bagels – Mehadrin Deli Meats in Downtown Jerusalem

Usually, 99% of the time, when people talk about restaurants that serve bagels, it’s obvious that you’re talking about a dairy restaurant, but not so at Dave Bagels in downtown Jerusalem (and no, it’s not a mistake, it’s Dave Bagels, not Dave’s. Maybe the owner thought that Dave’s in Hebrew would look a bit strange).

The entrance to Dave Bagels on Pinas St.

The entrance to Dave Bagels on Pines St.

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Grill Bar – Mehadrin Steakhouse in Downtown Jerusalem

The Grill Bar restaurant, located in Jerusalem’s city center, is a popular steakhouse whose menu includes a wide variety of meat, chicken and fish dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant is mehadrin under the highly-respected kashrut supervision of Rabbi Machpud.

Grill Bar's Entrecote Steak

Grill Bar’s Entrecote Steak

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Big Apple Pizza – Jerusalem, Ben Yehuda Branch (Mehadrin)

Big Apple Pizza has six branches in Jerusalem all of which serve mehadrin pizza under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate. The Big Apple Pizza branch on Luntz St. is centrally located in downtown Jerusalem, right off the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall. photo of Big Apple Pizza

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Cafe Rimon – Dairy, Italian & Fish Restaurant in Downtown Jerusalem

Cafe Rimon in downtown Jerusalem is a mehadrin dairy restaurant which offers a large selection of dairy, fish and Italian cuisine. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available and it is preferable to reserve a table to ensure you won’t have to wait to be seated.

cafe rimon dish

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Hatch Brewpub: Micro-Brewed Beer & House-Made Sausage Sandwiches

One cannot help but be in a good mood when writing about the Hatch brewpub in Mahane Yehuda. I say because the microbrewed beer definitely gets one in the right mood and because Hatch’s owner, Ephraim Greenblatt, is so friendly and gregarious.

Ephraim is a young and very bright do-it-yourself entrepreneur who made aliya from New York. He learned to become a professional beer brewer by reading the 50 some odd books in his library and by lots and lots of experimentation. Even today, Ephraim says he’s constantly trying out new tweaks to his various brews, that goes for his sausage sandwiches as well. But I’ll describe all the culinary stuff more in detail below.

Ephraim Greenblatt Hatch owner

Ephraim Greenblatt, master beer maker, beer judge and smiley host

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Nahman Restaurant, Jerusalem – Italian Cuisine with Live Music – Review

Nahman is a mehadrin Italian restaurant located in the Music Square in the historic Nachalat Shiva neighborhood in downtown Jerusalem. Nahman offers a wonderful culinary experience which combines excellent cuisine and exquisite ambiance.

The entrance to Nahman

The entrance to Nahman

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Urbun Cafe – Hot Buns with Rich Toppings Near Mahane Yehuda

Urbun is a start-up cafe in an area adjacent to Mahane Yehuda where many restaurants, offering ethnic and unique food, are opening their doors. Urbun has the same youthful atmosphere as the other places, with one great difference – it’s kosher mehadrin!

urban cafe outdoor seating

Urbun Cafe, the same youthful spirit, but it’s mehadrin

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Trattoria Haba – Exquisite Italian Food Near Mahane Yehuda

There are not that many kosher mehadrin Italian restaurants in Jerusalem, and finding really excellent ones can be a challenge. Recently my wife and I tried out what turned out to be a wonderful Italian restaurant called Trattoria Haba, Haba for short, right next to Mahane Yehuda in downtown Jerusalem.

If you’re wondering about the restaurant’s name, the term trattoria refers to a less formal, Italian-style restaurant and Haba is the name of the family that established the restaurant (the Haba family is well-known for their bakeries in Jerusalem).

Entrance to Trattoria Haba on Yafo St.

Entrance to Trattoria Haba on Yafo St.

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Red Heifer Glatt Kosher Steakhouse – All the Important Details

The Red Heifer Steakhouse is located across the street from the King David hotel in downtown Jerusalem. The restaurant is glatt kosher under the strict supervision of Rav Ruben.

red-heifer-homepage pic


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Piccolino – An Incredible Italian Restaurant in Jerusalem

Piccolino is the go-to place for superb Italian cuisine, enjoyable ambiance and excellent service in Jerusalem – and it’s kosher mehadrin.

Piping hot lasagne

Piping hot lasagne

Piccolino’s Ambiance

Piccolino is located in downtown Jerusalem in the Nechalat Shiva neighborhood, not far from Zion Square. It wasn’t always located there though. Previously it was known as Ticho House, a venerable and delightful restaurant which was located in a charming courtyard setting belonging to the Ticho House museum on Rav Kook St., not far from its present location.

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