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Rodriguez Express Fast Food Meat Restaurant & Steakhouse

Rodriguez Express, located in the Har Hotzvim hi-tech park in Jerusalem, is a fast food meat restaurant during the day and in the evening it is a steakhouse which serves a wide variety of meats including steaks. Rodriguez Express is strictly mehadrin under the supervision of Rav Machpud.

Entrance to Rodriguez Express

Entrance to Rodriguez Express with outdoor seating

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Rodriguez Steakhouse – An Upscale Mehadrin Meat Restaurant

Rodriguez is an upscale steakhouse located in Har Hotzvim technological park in Jerusalem. The restaurant is under the strictly mehadrin supervision of Rav Machpud.

Appetizers include fresh liver pate, ties filet carpaccio and shwarma lamb.

Some of highlights of the main courses include rib eye steak 300 gr, lamb chops 300 gr and the Rodriguez Platter (2 lamb chops, rib eye steak, boneless chicken thigh and kebab 1,000 gr)


Rodriguez meat potato dish

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Ricotta – Italian Restaurant in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem (Mehadrin)

Ricotta is a wonderful kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant located in the hi-tech park of Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem. I hadn’t heard about the restaurant previously, but the discovery was worthwhile.

They have a menu which provides a wide variety of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Images with the various options from the menu appear below.

Ricotta's entrance

Ricotta’s entrance in Har Hotzvim

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Sushi Rechavia (Har Hotzvim) – Sushi & Asian Food

Sushi Rechavia in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem is a really worthwhile kosher (mehadrin) sushi restaurant where excellent food and reasonable prices come together in one place. See my review, as well as photos, restaurant contact info and directions below.

The restaurant is under the kosher mehadrin supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate and the Chatam Sofer (Petach Tikva).

sushi platter

Sushi platter for special occasions

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