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Kosher (Mehadrin) Restaurants in Israel

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Hello Yemen – Mehadrin Shawarma at Entrance to Jerusalem

Hello Yemen is one of the best shawarma restaurants in Jerusalem and it is kosher mehadrin under Rav Machpud’s Yore Deah supervision.

Reviewing a shawarma restaurant is more challenging than a standard sit down restaurant. It’s unusual to find any ambiance at fast food restaurants and so it’s less experiential, but we all have those times where we’re either looking to pay less for a meal or don’t have time for a regular restaurant or sometimes we just crave some simple “ethnic” food.


Shawarma plate with salad and french fries

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Mifgash Ha’esh – Mehadrin Meat Restaurant (Jerusalem)

If you’re looking for a mehadrin meat restaurant in Jerusalem with a large selection of dishes, excellent food and reasonable prices, then Mifgash Ha’esh is a great choice.

Stuffed tortilla - Mifgash Haesh

Tortilla stuffed with chinese stir-fry or ground beef

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