Deca is an upscale fish restaurant in Tel Aviv that is kosher mehadrin under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate. Deca is pricier than most restaurants, but if you’re looking for a more elegant experience, Deca is a nice choice.

Grilled sea bream


Upon entering Deca, you immediately notice the classy interior design. The dining area has soft, pleasant lighting, white tablecloths, wine glasses on the table, and other attractive design elements. The resulting ambiance leads to a relaxed and pleasant dining atmosphere.

The seating area

White tablecloths, professional lighting and other nice touches provide a high class atmosphere


There are restaurants that offer a selection of fish dishes, but also offer types of food like Italian dishes and the like. Deca is not like that. At Deca, they focus exclusively on fish dishes and that’s their expertise. The dishes vary in the type of fish, the method of preparation and the aesthetic presentation of the dishes.

As can been seen in the photos below a great amount of attention is put into presentation of the dishes so that they will be attractive, colorful, and aesthetically inviting. Rich colors are achieved through the use of green leafy vegetables, slices of bright yellow lemon, and a variety of colorful cooked vegetables that accompany the fish. The variety in the way the dishes are served also adds beauty and interest: some of the dishes are served on attractive, flat trays and others arrive on plates of various shapes and colors.

Deca has two menus: the business menu and the evening menu.

Many of the appetizers are interesting and unique. For example, you can order bouillabaisse, which is a fish soup with a hint of orange flavor, pernod (an aperitif) and coriander. There are other interesting offerings including kebab buri, mushroom tortellini, and salmon tartar.

Among the main courses you’ll also find a variety of dishes such as grilled whole sea bream (served with roasted mushrooms, herbs and lemon sauce) and burnt salmon fillet (served with fresh pasta, olive oil, butter, lemon juice, anchovies and grated pecorino cheese). Additional offerings include corvina fillet on black pasta and roasted red tuna on a beet and potato gratin (see below).

Red tuna fillet on beetroot gratin

Red tuna fillet on a beet and potato gratin

Corvina fillet on black pasta

Corvina fillet on black pasta

Sea bass fillet wrapped in pasta

Sea bass fillet wrapped in pasta

Creme brulee

Creme brulee

Restaurant details

Restaurant name: Deca
Address: 10 HaTaasiya St., Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-562-9900
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 12:00-23:00
Kashrut: Tel Aviv Rabbinate Mehadrin
It is highly recommended to request to see the kashrut certificate to verify that it is still valid.


The business menu

The business menu


The appetizers

main courses

The main courses


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