Fiori is an excellent kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate. It is located in the First Station mall in Talbieh, Jerusalem.


In recent years, quite a few restaurants have opened up in the First Station, but until now there were only a few restaurants that were mehadrin. One of those restaurants, Lechem Basar, is one of the better mehadrin steakhouses in Jerusalem.

When I found out that Fiori had become mehadrin, and I decided to check it out because I have always liked the ambiance at the First Station.

My wife and I arrived in Talbieh around 7pm looking forward to a nice evening together and a fun culinary experience. Parking can be a real challenge unless you know about the parking lot hidden behind the First Station. The entrance is on Derech Hebron St. If you’re coming from David Remez Street, make the right on Derech Hebron, and you’ll see a small road that forks off to the right about 80 meters from the traffic light (note that this is a paid parking lot during the day).

The Ambiance

The First Station is an outdoor mall with a boardwalk. Fiori is surrounded by windows and is located smack in the middle of the boardwalk, providing a view of the historic train station and all the passers-by.

The dining area

The dining area

Fiori’s dining area is not large, and the space between the tables is not so spacious, but we did not feel cramped. When we arrived, we found that the place was packed, but fortunately a table had just opened up.

Fiori's open kitchen

Fiori’s open kitchen


We immediately noticed the kitchen which is open to the dining area. At the entrance to the kitchen is a deli-type refrigerator with a large assortment of cheeses that can be bought and taken home. A green chalkboard hangs from the ceiling with various messages and drawings on it. On the surrounding walls are shelves with a large selection of wines and liquors.

The Cuisine

Fiori’s menu has a nice selection of Italian dishes. All of the pastas are made by the house, and we found them to be superb.

For appetizers, we ordered the soup du jour, which was artichoke soup, and melanzane alla parmigiana, which is roasted eggplant in a tomato sauce with melted mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Both dishes arrived very hot, just as they should. The soup was creamy and delicious, and the melanzane alla parmigiana was quite awesome. The eggplant was tender and flavorful, the sauce was well seasoned, and there was plenty of cheese.


Artichoke soup was plenty hot and tasty



Melanzane alla parmigiana


For your main course you can either choose from the recommended dishes that include combinations of pastas and sauces, or you can decide on your own combination from the list of options. You choose the shape of the pasta (short pastas, long pastas, ravioli etc.), the type of pasta (regular, whole wheat, spinach) and then decide on the desired sauce (tomato, tomato & pesto, cream etc) and some of the available add-ons include, olives, mushrooms, eggplant, blue cheese and more).

We ordered the Primavera with spinach fettuccine. This dish is usually a bit spicy, but my wife doesn’t like spicy foods so we passed on that (funny that my wife comes from a Sephardic family and doesn’t like spicy foods, and I’m super Ashkenazic and I love spicy cuisine). We also ordered spinach fettuccine with truffle cream sauce.

Fettuccine Premavera

Fettuccine Premavera

Spinach fettuccine with truffle cream sauce

Spinach fettuccine with truffle cream sauce


The spinach pasta was truly excellent, both the texture and the flavor, and the sauces we chose were delicious. The main dishes also arrived piping hot, and of course this adds to the quality of the dish.

The Service

We found the service at Fiori to be outstanding. Our waitress was quick and very pleasant. All our dishes came at the right timing, and we had no problem getting the waitress’s attention when we needed something.

I spoke with the owner, who also manages the restaurant. He was very friendly and was happy to respond to our questions.

Restaurant Details

Restaurant Name: Fiori
Address: The First Station, David Remez 4, Jerusalem
Phone: 02-587-4486
Hours: Sun-Wed 11am-11:30pm
Thursday: 11am until the last customer leaves
Friday: 10:30am – an hour before Shabbat begins
Saturday night: An hour after the end of Shabbat until the last customer leaves
Kashrut: Jerusalem Rabbinate Mehadrin
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate is still valid


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