The Grill Bar restaurant, located in Jerusalem’s city center, is a popular steakhouse whose menu includes a wide variety of meat, chicken and fish dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant is mehadrin under the highly-respected kashrut supervision of Rabbi Machpud.

Grill Bar's Entrecote Steak

Grill Bar’s Entrecote Steak

The business menu offers a selection of chicken, steak and fish dishes ranging from 65 to 79 NIS. Each meal comes with a variety of house salads, house-made pitta, a side dish and a soft drink. See the complete menu below.

The evening menu is much more extensive. The chicken dishes include various skewers, stir fried chicken liver (with mushrooms and onions), chilli chicken wings and chicken salad (just to name a few). The meat offerings are also not lacking and include entrecote steaks of different sizes, sirloin steaks, lamb ribs among others.

Fish lovers will find Sea Bream, St. Peter’s, Salmon fillet and Grey Mullet all broiled over coals.

Most meals come with a side dish of your choice.

You can find the restaurant’s contact details, the menus and directions below.

Lamb Ribs

Lamb Ribs


Sinta Steak

Sinta Steak


Chile chicken wings

Chilli chicken wings

Grill Bar’s Menu:

Grill Bar's business menu

Grill Bar’s business menu

Grill Bar's main menu

Grill Bar’s main menu

Restaurant Details:

Restaurant Name: Grill Bar
Address: 1 HaSoreg St.
Telephone: 077-885-7778
Hours: Sun-Thurs 12PM-11PM
Kashrut: Rav Machpud
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate hasn’t changed


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