The following is a comprehensive list of kosher mehadrin restaurants in Ariel. I invested significant effort to research and confirm the information here, but please check the restaurant’s kashrut certificate to make sure that it is still valid.

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Legend: ARM = Ariel Rabbinate Mehadrin

Cafe CafeItalian, DairyARM2 Masada077-540-9528
Cafe GregItalian, DairyARMMego Or Mall03-930-3372
Japan JapanAsianARMMego Or Mall03-774-3888
Burger RanchHamburgersARMMego Or Mall1
Pizza EshPizzaARM31 HaNachshonim03-906-0880
Pizza ExtraPizzaARM6 Uri Ben On03-644-4776
Hummus EliyahuHummusARM29 Ramat HaGolan077-649-5160
Falafel Mahane YehudaFalafelARM27 Ramat HaGolan054-739-2932