The following is a comprehensive list of mehadrin restaurants in Ashdod. You can sort the table by clicking on any column heading. Recommendation: always check the restaurant’s kashrut certificate to make sure that it is still valid.

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Last update: 25 Tevet, 5778 | Legend: ARM = Ashdod Rabbinate Mehadrin

Weizmann'sMeat GrillMachpud9 HaBanayim08-852-2593
Crispy Taam YisraelMeat GrillMachpudTzomet HaNamel08-855-5828
Cafe JoeItalian, dairyAR"M54 Jabotinsky08-8604344
Cafe Greg KitchenItalian, dairyAR"M1 HaGedud HaIvri08-867-5002
Cafe LiyonCafe, dairyAR"M1 Ariel Sharon08-631-5758
Cafe CafeItalian, dairyAR"MBig Fashion08-9159656
Cafe CafeItalian, dairyAR"M43 Jabotinsky08-9159656
ShipudimMeat GrillAR"M5 HaGedud HaIvri1-700-700-026
Shema YisraelShawarmaAR"M17 Dov Gur054-451-0194
Shnitzel QuickFalafel, meatAR"M20 HaPalmach
Shnitzel HitShnitzelsAR"M5 Kinneret08-8660659