The following is a comprehensive list of kosher mehadrin restaurants in the Golan Heights. I invested significant effort to research and confirm the information here, but please check the restaurant’s kashrut certificate to make sure that it is still valid.

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Last update: 18 Tevet, 5778 | Legend: RK”M = Rabbinate of Katzrin Mehadrin

Burgerim KatzrinHamburgersRK"MEitan Mall04-637-6654
HaChefMeat, ShawarmaRK"MEitan Mall04-696-1555
HaShnitzeliaShnitzels, SandwichesRK"MEitan Mall077-3229012
Miznon HaMizlalaMeat, ShawarmaRK"MEitan Mall050-868-7991
Pizza RashbiPizzaRK"MEitan Mall04-699-0575
ChopsticksAsianRK"MEitan Mall04-626-6652
Hummus EliyahuHummusRK"MEitan Mall04-821-8668
Pizza PatzatzPizzaRK"MIndustrial Area*9582
Etzel IlanFalafelRK"MEitan Mall04-8374110
La PiazzaPizzaRK"MEitan Mall04-836-4444
AltosSteakhouseRK"MIndustrial Area050-488-0765
Pizza HaEmekPizzaRK"MIndustrial Area, Paz Gas Station04-992-8200
Cafe ClaraItalian, DairyRK"MIndustrial Area052-946-9402

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