The following is a comprehensive list of kosher mehadrin restaurants in Tiberias. I invested significant effort to research and confirm the information here, but please check the restaurant’s kashrut certificate to make sure that it is still valid.

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Last update: 2 Nissan, 5778 | Legend: RTM = Rabbinate of Tiberias Mehadrin

BurgerimHamburgersRTM4 Yehuda HaLevi04-654-0150
Cafe CafeItalian, DairyRTM1 Yehuda HaLevi04-672-3400
Bazel BarItalian, FishRTMTayelet Yigal Alon04-679-5999
SumoAsianRTM3 Alhadif04-645-5466
Pizza ShemeshPizzaRTM2 HaAtzmaut04-672-2300
Pizza PizzarellaPizzaRTM10 Shimon Dahan04-6725115
Pizza OrnaPizzaRTM14 Nayberg04-672-6115
Mama MiaItalianRTM1 Habanim050-880-2202
Pizza RatzaPizzaMachpud1 Ben Tzvi6735111 - 04
KozinaMeat, FishMachpud42 Habanim072-3926451
Hummus EliyahuHummusRTMTayelet Shuk Hadagim04-8233309
Pizza Plus 200PizzaRTM710 Yerushalayim04-999-7117
RefaeloItalianRTM7 Habanim04-679-2285
Meged GinosaurDairy, FishRTMMarina076-810-6712
Pizza HutPizzaRTM1 Habanim1-700-506-070
Cafe GregItalian, DairyRTM1 Yehuda HaLevi04-6891777
LagunaMeat, FishRTM2 Habanim04-6722321
Pizza WeizmannPizzaRTM30 HaGalil04-679-0134
Extra PizzaPizzaRTM5 Alhadif04-672-6070
Udi's PizzaPizzaRTM32 HaGalil04-672-0063
Burger RanchHamburgersRTM52 HaGalil04-672-5332
Pizza ParizPizzaRTM4 Alhadif077-7835204
Falafel AlushFalafel, ShawarmaRTM4 Habanim04-8708805
Falafel AnbiFalafelRTM202 HaGalil04-6720608
Pizza HomePizzaRTM1 Yehuda HaLevi04-6721072
Cafe YalisItalian, DairyRTM4 HaBanim04-9997996
Pizza Birkat YosefPizzaRTM28 Ben Tzvi04-811-4046
Miznon Baget ShlomiBaguettesRTM2 Habanim077-4043112
Miznon Ya'ar HaOrenAsianRTMDona Garcia04-679-0242
Hummus EliyahuHummusRTM4 HaNeon04-6999778

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