The following is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of mehadrin restaurants in Bnei Brak.

The list is ordered alphabetically by restaurant name, but you can click on any of the other column headings to sort the list by that column.

Updated on 23 Heshvan, 5778

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Big BurgersHamburgersMachpudJabotinsky 7077-560-3827
Hello YemenShawarmaMachpudJabotinsky 14052-847-3321
הלו תימן רשתות בע"מShawarmaMachpudתחנת פז צומת קוקה קולה03-574-4354
Lechem BasarSteakhouseMachpudKinneret 303-622-2442
TzananiMeatMachpudJabotinsky 9203-578-0459
Mifgash ShemeshShawarmaMachpudJabotinsky 1203-612-8989
Domino PizzaPizzaMachpudJerusalem 6903-579-5961
Hollywood PizzaPizzaMachpudJabotinsky 11103-618-1062
Pizza Twenty FivePizzaMachpudR. Kahaneman 10003-529-2529
HaMisada HayehuditEast EuropeanLandaKinneret 403-578-9999
Muchan UmezumanEast EuropeanLandaChazon Ish 1703-618-8526
Matamey ShlomoMeatLandaR. Shach 303-618-5871
Falafel Rabbi AkivaFalafel, E.EuropeanLandaR. Akiva 12203-642-8540
Falafel Rabbi AkivaFalafel, E.EuropeanLandaR. Akiva 3103-642-8540
TziporiEast EuropeanLandaJabotinsky 1603-618-5238
Shawarma FonShawarmaLandaShlomo HaMelech 1203-574-6605
Menta BagelBagelsLandaJerusalem 2303-616-4990
Gorno Sandwich BarSandwichesLandaSokolov 1703-616-0143
Arik'sMeat sandwichesRubinR. Akiva 203-746-4040
Arik'sMeat sandwichesRubinR. Kahaneman 104
Tzliley EshMeatRubinJabotinsky 100050-600-9797
Pizza Twenty FivePizzaRubinR. Kahaneman 10003-529-2529
Pizza FoodPizzaRubinJerusalem 4103-628-1181

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