The following is a comprehensive list of kosher mehadrin restaurants in Eilat. Please check the restaurant’s kashrut certificate to make sure that it is still valid because these things change.

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Legend: ERM = Eilat Rabbinate Mehadrin
Updated: 16 Shvat 5779

Pizza Kimat HinamPizzaERMHofit Center08-939-8883
Pizza ShemeshPizzaERM4 Eilot08-633-7090
Cafe GregItalianERM20 Hasatat08-860-2142
Cafe GregItalianERMMalkat Shva Hotel050-440-7999
Cafe CafeItalianERMMul Hayam Mall08-633-5151
Shipudey TziporaGrill BarERM10 Kaman072-372-6293