The following is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of kosher mehadrin restaurants in Ra’anana.

The list is ordered alphabetically by restaurant name, but you can click on any column heading to sort the list by that column.

Updated on 9 Kislev 5778 | RRM – Rabanut Ra’anana Mehadrin

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Bleeker BakeryItalian, DairyRRM128 Ahuza St.09-774-4220
Full House FalafelFalafel, ShawarmaRRM198 Ahuza St.09-774-2391
Falafel ShopFalafelRRM81 Ahuza St.09-746-3585
Falafel HatuchaFalafelRRM102 Ahuza St.09-740-2924
SameachFalafelRRM3 HaTaasiya St.09-746-2585
Falafel Arba TaamimFalafelRRM80 Ahuza St.053-710-4159
Falafel NonaFalafelRRM118 Ahuza St.052-568-2770
Hummus EliyahuFalafelRRM7 HaTaasiya St.09-887-7013
Sabich O SabichFalafel, sabichRRM131 Ahuza St.053-867-4498
Mazuz FriksaSephardic FoodRRM1 Eshkol St.077-442-5516
HaTemaniyaSteakhouseRRM2 HaHaroshet St.09-748-6647
MeegoMeat dishes, SaladsRRM15 HaTaasiya St.09-748-2032
BurgurimHamburgersRRM91 Ahuza St.09-865-5129
Shnitzel Esrim TaamimShnitzels, BaguettesRRM198 Ahuza St.09-833-2002
ColumbusSteakhouseRRM3 Yerushalaim St.09-958-9880
Holy BagelBagelsRRM158 Ahuza St.09-774-3211
CarouselFish & Dairy BistroRRM3 Zarchin St.09-746-0586
Borochov 88Italian, DairyRRM88 Borochov St.09-744-2203
PastariaPasta BarRRM184 Ahuza St.09-773-4383
Pizza PatzatzPizzaRRM106 Ahuza St.*9582
American PizzaPizzaRRM124 Ahuza St.09-744-9977
Pizza MastroPizzaRRM2 Levi Eshkol St.09-774-2715
Cafe CafeItalian, DairyRRMRenanim Mall09-743-2732

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