The following a comprehensive and up-to-date list of mehadrin restaurants in Zichron Yaakov.

Click on any column heading to sort the list by that column. A legend related to the hechsher (1) or (2) appears below the table.

Updated on 17 Tevet, 5778 | Reminder: always ask to see the kashrut certificate

YoskoHummusRZY"M (1)25 HaNadiv04-6292196
Burekas BabaBurekasRZY"M (2)56 Hameyasdim04-6022124
Bleeker BakeryItalian, dairyRZY"M (2)Opposite Zichron04-6293131
Dona GarciaItalian, cafeRZY"M (2)58 Hameyasdim04-6399003
NiliItalian, saladsRZY"M (2)43 Hameyasdim04-6292899
Cafe GregItalian, dairyRZY"M (2)Opposite Zichron04-6397773
Pizza AmericanPizzaRZY"M (2)21 HaNadiv04-6291777
Pizza HutPizzaRZY"M (2)26 HaNadiv1-700-50-60-70
Pizza Kimat HinamPizzaRZY"M (2)16 Hahochit04-6050215
Pizza KarpechoPizzaRZY"M (2)1 HaShmura04-8666555
Falafel ZichronFalafelRZY"M (1)60 Hameyasdim04-6292226
Falafel HamoshavaFalafelRZY"M (2)18 HaNadiv054-4814319

(1) Hechshers used: Badatz HaEida Haredit, Landa, Rubin Sheerit
(2) Hechshers used: Badatz HaEida Haredit, Landa, Rubin Sheerit, Chatam Sofer Petach Tikva,  Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak, Badatz Beit Yosef, Machpud, Belz, Agudat Yisrael

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