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Cafe Cafe – Mehadrin Italian Food in the Jordan Valley

If you’re heading north on Highway 90 in the Jordan Valley on your way for a vacation in the North or driving south to Jerusalem or even Eilat and you’re looking for a mehadrin restaurant on the way, a excellent place to stop is the Cafe Cafe restaurant near Sdei Trumot located 6 km south of Beit She’an.

Outdoor seating at Cafe Cafe at Sdei Trumot

Outdoor seating at Cafe Cafe at Sdei Trumot

Cafe Cafe offers a very large variety of Italian and dairy meals which are both tasty and nice sized portions.

Cafe Cafe’s menu is the same at all branches. You can view the English menu below.

The restaurant has a very pleasant, shaded seating area outside where you can enjoy the fresh air, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of the air conditioned indoor seating which also very spacious and comfortable.

My wife and I found the service to be well above average. The waitresses were extremely pleasant and were very quick to serve our meals.

Restaurant Details:

Restaurant Name: Cafe Cafe
Address: Hwy 90 next to Sdei Trumot, Jordan Valley
Telephone: 04-6584648
Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:00-23:30 | Fri 8:00-15:00
Kashrut: Rabanut Emek HaMayanot (Mehadrin)
It’s highly recommended to verify that the kashrut certificate hasn’t changed

Cafe Cafe’s English Menu:

Cafe Cafe's English menu-1

Cafe Cafe’s English menu

Cafe Cafe's English menu-2

Cafe Cafe's English menu-3

Cafe Cafe's English menu-4

Cafe Cafe's English menu-5

Cafe Cafe's English menu-6

Cafe Cafe's English menu-7

Cafe Cafe's English menu-8


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Nahman Restaurant, Jerusalem – Italian Cuisine with Live Music – Review

Nahman is a mehadrin Italian restaurant located in the Music Square in the historic Nachalat Shiva neighborhood in downtown Jerusalem. Nahman offers a wonderful culinary experience which combines excellent cuisine and exquisite ambiance.

The entrance to Nahman

The entrance to Nahman

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Cafe Avichail – Tasty Food in a Mellow Atmosphere (Mehadrin)

Cafe Avichail is an kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant and coffee shop located in a beautiful section of Malcha in Jerusalem.

The restaurant was established in 2007 by Galia Daniel-Avichail and her husband Shlomi. Galia’s father, grandfather and great-father all were in the bakery business going back to Poland. The family bakery in Zichron Moshe, Jerusalem established by Galia’s grandfather in 1932 became somewhat of a legend.

Entrance to Avichail

Entrance to Avichail

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Trattoria Haba – Exquisite Italian Food Near Mahane Yehuda

There are not that many kosher mehadrin Italian restaurants in Jerusalem, and finding really excellent ones can be a challenge. Recently my wife and I tried out what turned out to be a wonderful Italian restaurant called Trattoria Haba, Haba for short, right next to Mahane Yehuda in downtown Jerusalem.

If you’re wondering about the restaurant’s name, the term trattoria refers to a less formal, Italian-style restaurant and Haba is the name of the family that established the restaurant (the Haba family is well-known for their bakeries in Jerusalem).

Entrance to Trattoria Haba on Yafo St.

Entrance to Trattoria Haba on Yafo St.

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Ricotta – Italian Restaurant in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem (Mehadrin)

Ricotta is a wonderful kosher mehadrin Italian restaurant located in the hi-tech park of Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem. I hadn’t heard about the restaurant previously, but the discovery was worthwhile.

They have a menu which provides a wide variety of options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Images with the various options from the menu appear below.

Ricotta's entrance

Ricotta’s entrance in Har Hotzvim

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