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Grill Bar – Mehadrin Steakhouse in Downtown Jerusalem

The Grill Bar restaurant, located in Jerusalem’s city center, is a popular steakhouse whose menu includes a wide variety of meat, chicken and fish dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant is mehadrin under the highly-respected kashrut supervision of Rabbi Machpud.

Grill Bar's Entrecote Steak

Grill Bar’s Entrecote Steak

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Rodriguez Express Fast Food Meat Restaurant & Steakhouse

Rodriguez Express, located in the Har Hotzvim hi-tech park in Jerusalem, is a fast food meat restaurant during the day and in the evening it is a steakhouse which serves a wide variety of meats including steaks. Rodriguez Express is strictly mehadrin under the supervision of Rav Machpud.

Entrance to Rodriguez Express

Entrance to Rodriguez Express with outdoor seating

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Hatch Brewpub: Micro-Brewed Beer & House-Made Sausage Sandwiches

One cannot help but be in a good mood when writing about the Hatch brewpub in Mahane Yehuda. I say because the microbrewed beer definitely gets one in the right mood and because Hatch’s owner, Ephraim Greenblatt, is so friendly and gregarious.

Ephraim is a young and very bright do-it-yourself entrepreneur who made aliya from New York. He learned to become a professional beer brewer by reading the 50 some odd books in his library and by lots and lots of experimentation. Even today, Ephraim says he’s constantly trying out new tweaks to his various brews, that goes for his sausage sandwiches as well. But I’ll describe all the culinary stuff more in detail below.

Ephraim Greenblatt Hatch owner

Ephraim Greenblatt, master beer maker, beer judge and smiley host

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Red Heifer Glatt Kosher Steakhouse – All the Important Details

The Red Heifer Steakhouse is located across the street from the King David hotel in downtown Jerusalem. The restaurant is glatt kosher under the strict supervision of Rav Ruben.

red-heifer-homepage pic


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Rodriguez Steakhouse – An Upscale Mehadrin Meat Restaurant

Rodriguez is an upscale steakhouse located in Har Hotzvim technological park in Jerusalem. The restaurant is under the strictly mehadrin supervision of Rav Machpud.

Appetizers include fresh liver pate, ties filet carpaccio and shwarma lamb.

Some of highlights of the main courses include rib eye steak 300 gr, lamb chops 300 gr and the Rodriguez Platter (2 lamb chops, rib eye steak, boneless chicken thigh and kebab 1,000 gr)


Rodriguez meat potato dish

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Lechem Basar (Meat and Eat) – Jerusalem Steakhouse (Mehadrin)

The Lechem Basar restaurant in Jerusalem is a very nice steakhouse located in the old Jerusalem train station known as “The First Station” (HaTachana HaRishona in Hebrew). Lechem Basar is supervised by Rav Machpud’s kosher mehadrin supervision, considered to be one of the top-notch kosher certifications.

Contact details & address follow below

Entrance to Meat Eat

Inviting atmosphere at the Meat and Eat steakhouse in Jerusalem

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Mifgash Ha’esh – Mehadrin Meat Restaurant (Jerusalem)

If you’re looking for a mehadrin meat restaurant in Jerusalem with a large selection of dishes, excellent food and reasonable prices, then Mifgash Ha’esh is a great choice.

Stuffed tortilla - Mifgash Haesh

Tortilla stuffed with chinese stir-fry or ground beef

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Sumesa – Delicious Meat Restaurant in Ramat Gan

After a couple of weeks working at my new job in Ramat Gan, I decided that I had eaten enough times at the local Cofix place, and I decided the time had come to get “a real meal.” Since no one at work knew of a kosher (mehadrin) restaurant in the area, I pulled out my Iphone and did a quick Google search.


Sumesa in Ramat Gan

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