Urbun is a start-up cafe in an area adjacent to Mahane Yehuda where many restaurants, offering ethnic and unique food, are opening their doors. Urbun has the same youthful atmosphere as the other places, with one great difference – it’s kosher mehadrin!

urban cafe outdoor seating

Urbun Cafe, the same youthful spirit, but it’s mehadrin

The owner and operator of Urbun Cafe, Josh Admon, grew up in a secular Jewish family in Westwood, LA. That’s not far from Pacific Palisades where I grew up. Josh decided to drop out of college and enroll in culinary school to follow his dream of learning to become a chef. After several years of working in restaurants in the US, he decided to come on a trip to Israel, and here he got turned onto his Jewish roots at Aish HaTorah and he now lives with his growing family in a Jerusalem suburb.

Urbun Ambiance

Urbun Cafe is a two minute walk from Mahane Yehuda. It’s located on a small side street together with several other ethic and alternative-type restaurants. Seating is cafe style and the restaurant boasts indoor seating for those who want a bit more privacy and outdoor tables for those who like people-watching and enjoying the fresh, outdoor air.

There’s soft music playing in the background which provides a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.


Urbun’s menu offers a variety of hot buns with toppings and a selection of coffees and other beverages.

The buns are prepared by the house and can be ordered with different scrumptious toppings. Some of the toppings include blueberry bliss, pecan pleasure (peach jam with fresh ginger with crushed lotus cookies) & peanut better cup (warm peanut butter sauce and bitter-sweet chocolate chips) to name a few. See the complete menu below.

Blueberry bliss - a hot bun topped with blueberry jelly and espresso sauce

Blueberry bliss – a hot bun topped with blueberry jelly and espresso sauce


The service at Urbun is friendly and fast. Josh makes sure everything is running smoothly and is always happy to respond to customers questions or to help out.

I would highly recommend Urbun for the food and the other plusses I mentioned above and also to support this young entrepreneur who wants to provide an outstanding cafe experience to Jerusalemites while maintaining high kashrut standards.

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Restaurant Details

Name of restaurant: Urbun
Address: 5 Ha-Shikma St
Phone: 054-292-0932
Hours: Sun-Tues 8AM-5PM, Fri 8AM-3PM
Kashrut: Jerusalem Rabbinate Glatt Mehadrin
It is recommended to check the kashrut certificate and the expiration date



Urbun's Bun Menu

Urbun’s Bun Menu


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